Smartwatch Industry in 2018 and Beyond

Smartwatches have been a fantastic success in the past decade. From bulky, essentially function-less digital watches they have evolved to sleek micro computers housed within an ever-expanding range of beautifully designed housings. Today you can purchase watches that look like miniature computers, such as Apple’s iWatch, right through to hybrid timepieces that may compromise on a little bit of functionality but look just like a classic analogue watch.

However, are we beginning to see a domination by Google Android platform as the go-to OS, and if so, is that a bad thing? Well, yes and no. Offerings from Google are generally fantastic products, and although they have their drawbacks they tend to be well thought out, well designed and well supported with a huge budget invested in them. The more dominance they have the more this circle continues, and the less choice you have, but the more honed the product becomes. So, it’s a double-edged sword, but not a particularly bad one.

Part of the ubiquity of Android Wear today is down to two things, firstly as discussed above they really do have a fantastic product. Secondly, they offer an excellent, flexible white label option for brands to enter the smartphone industry, and this is where the majority of sales lie. People today are less interested in the quality and craftsmanship of a Swiss timepiece, but more in having the latest offering from their favourite brand. From Dolce &Gabanna to Michael Kors, Armani to Tommy Hilfiger watches, they are all getting in on the action, seeing a potential new market.

The vast percentage of smartwatch sales today are led by these brands entering a new marketplace, and what better option that to take a tried and tested, well supported and developed off the shelf product to put inside your smartwatch, and that’s Android. Whilst other companies will always try and compete, with Android Google has secured their space in the wearable market for the foreseeable future by becoming the go-to option for the inners of these devices, and in typical Google style they have done an excellent job of it.

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