Different ways to keep beer cold

Everything is good when it comes to keeping this drink at an ideal temperature, whether winter or summer; the vast majority of beers are drunk very cold. Therefore, it is very important to know how to keep them frozen. Especially when it is hot (or failing that there is much thirst) and the intake of beer will be high and sustained over time. In other words: it is not enough to be able to cool the beers, but it is also important to keep them at that low temperature so desired.

Traditional way to keep your favorite drink cool

The easiest, obvious and traditional way to keep beer cold is with an electric cooling system. That is, the refrigerator at home or those in bars and restaurants. The advantage of these devices is that – having electricity – we can keep the beer at about five degrees (or less, if we wanted) for as long as necessary. However, the only bad thing about all this is that if we buy beers that are not frozen, in refrigerators it will take about an hour (and more during the summer) to obtain the desired temperature to drink them. Tip: buy the frozen beers and take them as quickly as possible to the refrigerator.

Keeping beer cold without electricity

Another option with which we can keep ice cold beer and now without the need to have electric power at hand, is to put the beer (already frozen) in one of those containers called Stubby holders, which are usually made of plastic or expanded polystyrene and which – very important- they have a cover. To keep the beer cooler in the stubby holder, it is necessary to put the beer bottles or cans first and then cover them with ice, making sure that the cubes go through the containers and that at the end (above) a layer of ice covers everything. Before covering it is convenient to put a wet cloth, which will help control the change in temperature that will occur every time we open the cooler to get a beer. Also try to leave it in the shade, because that will help keep the ice cold beer for longer.


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