Must-Have Men’s Shoes to Complement Any Dress Code

Any formal dressing is incomplete without a pair of shinning formal shoes. Usually the shoes suitable for special occasions are known as formal shoes. Basically there is nothing like formal or informal shoes. Shoes are just shoes but it depends on you how you are pairing your shoes with your ensemble to shine through every occasion. Here we are listing down some of the shoes that men must-have in their shoe-rack to get ready for any occasion.



Like its name, Oxford formal shoe makes one ready for every occasion – be it a wedding party or a business meeting. This type of shoes looks very chic and stylish without making any loud statement. Unlike Derby, Oxford shoe comes with eyelets fixed under the vamps. It looks best when you pair it with a pair of fitted trousers not hiding the details on the top. Nowadays, many men’s vegan shoes in Oxford style is available in the market without hampering the quality part.




Derbys has lot many resemblances with the Oxfords except it has open laces. Open style of the shoelace offers more flexibility to adjust the level of comfort by tightening the lace through eyelets. Derbys are available with more decoration on the surface with several types of toe shapes. If you are attending a formal event then don’t wear something very flashy or with lots of glittery decoration.


Monk Straps


The Monk Strap is a European classic style which comes with a buckle on one side of the shoe. Because of the strap and buckle, Monk Shoe can catch the attention instantly representing you as a style icon. A formal suit or a neatly ironed shirt paired with the Monk shoes leaves the half job done for you in a business event.


Slip-on Dress Shoe


If you are attending a semi-formal corporate event, then you can try out the slip-on dress shoe rather than opting for the oxford or derby. This shoe does not have any eyelets or lace. You need to slip on your feet into them through the opening. If you find shoelaces hard to make a knot, then slip-on is the best option you have.




If shoelace, eyelets and buckles – all makes you crazy then bet on the loafers. In spite of being popular as a casual type, loafers are good enough to complement either your trouser or jeans. Detailing on loafers is very little and a clean loafer looks stunning on any dress code.


Boat Shoes


To add some peppiness in your “shoe”drobe, boat shoes are here. This typically casual shoe derived its name from its slightly tampered shape in the front. Detailing in these shoes are striking and usually they come in contrast colours to make a fashion statement. Boat shoe makes you ready take those “Khakis” out of the cupboard and get ready instantly.




Apart from these types of shoes, you can make your own style statement with something else but you have to include some of them to complete your wardrobe collection.