Quickbooks Payroll

Track your employees and perfectly process your payroll

Choosing the right payroll for your business and running your business towards financial gain always require some sort of analysis, but at times it might become a tedious task if you have more number of employees and have many steps to process your payroll every month. It is well known that Quick books are popular for accounting software which helps you have your finance under control. This has many business comprehensive features and intuitive interface which favor you in easier training for the employees who use the software. None of your receipts, expenses, customers, suppliers can be lost and everything is stored securely in cloud.

The interesting feature that has been added with this accounting software is QuickBooks Payroll which is available at $54 (enhanced payroll) per month and $114 (Full service payroll) per month. You just want to input the number of hours your employee worked, and some of their business information, and you can also calculate the payroll taxes on the go.

Features and specifications

The reminders that are provided will make you avoid missing any payroll and thus increasing your employee satisfaction. The calculation of payroll taxes is much accurate as so you can file your e-tax, and e-pay right from the quick books software. You can also specifically calculate the employee working hours by giving their overtime, deductions, and break times, etc. and before continuing the process of payroll you can cross check the employee data with your business calculation in the payroll preview. There are no restrictions on the numbers processing the payroll for your employees, i.e. you can change any of the any time in the month and you proceed with the payroll process. This may help you correct your mistakes in the previously generated payroll.

The detailed reports are made available in the report section which helps you in viewing consolidated payroll reports as ever you wish with various filters. You can also create custom reports based on your business needs. You are also provided with online payroll app which helps you do your payroll check and solve your employees’ payroll queries from the place where you are without the need to visit the employee in person.

Support and customer care

The live experts offered by the Quick books are always available at the Quickbooks Payroll Support section to clear your payroll queried irrespective of peak time. This increases the payroll processing time while avoiding any delay in between due to some queries. You can have your Quickbooks Payroll Support Phone Number from the website.

All the staffs employed in the support section are well trained in the product, and are skilled enough to wipe off all your worries and complications you face during the use of software. If you are running the software on cloud, then the quickbooks payroll online support will smooth out all your issues while not compromising on your satisfaction. Once you are familiar with all the features you can play around it.