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Common Inverted Bob Hairstyles

You have heard the shout out of bob, bob everywhere. Have you ever asked yourself the similarities and differences between different bob hairstyles! For instance, have you asked yourself what this trending inverted bob is? And what makes it unique as compared to these other haircuts? These are some of the rudimental questions you should ask yourself before making any decision to wear any other type of bob.

In a nutshell, let me shed a little bit of light to you concerning bob hairstyle. What makes inverted bob unique is its back stacked layers and extended curves of lines towards the front. Much more, a dramatic statement can be created by allowing the frontal strands down up to the shoulder length.



  • Bushy Reversed Bob


Among all the haircuts, this one is easier to style. You can go messy by incorporating some texturizer to get some wet appeal and enjoy your sunny day with it!


  • Full and Fiery Hairstyle


It is also called stacked bob because the layers are stacked on each other right from the neck up to the peak of the head.

The layers at the back are maintained shorter and those at the front longer. It is ideal for the ladies with fine hair since the technique of cutting it adds some volume.


  • Curly Bob


If you have your inverted bob that is looking messy and you lack time to visit your hair stylist, you can enhance the volume of your hair with curls. This one guarantees immediate results with more thickness and ampleness.


  • Golden Blonde Balayage Curls


In most cases, the long-overturned bob is styled wavy. The big curls aren’t the tastes of many women simply because they fear they may look overwhelming and burdensome. The ultimate goal of this cut is to achieve the minimum thickness and make the locks light.


  • Sunset Strands


Have you ever realised why most people like the appeal of the rising sun? The reason is obvious one; the stunning colours! Emphasising the orange hair with layers of red and pink brings out a blended hue just like that of a red golden toned sun. It is ideal for imaginative women.


  • Extended Bob with Bangs


Sometimes your long bob may be too heavy for your face. For that reason, why don’t you consider ditching one side for something that will give you the best frame for your face yet give you a good view? Fringe bangs draw attention to your eyes, therefore, consider accenting them with extensions or even mascara.


  • Tousled Bob for Sleek Hair


Are you the kind of ladies who want long accenting locks but you don’t have much time to commit to maintenance? This style of bob will work well for you. The waves are light, alluring, and romantic.


  • Cool Bob with Highlights


Audacity and minimalistic are the defining characteristics of this style. A calculative look is brought by a different parting, blunt ends and even stacked layers.


  • Liven Up Thin Hair


When bored with the texture of the subtle hair, maintaining short styles is more comfortable than keeping long locks. Choose something uneven and remember the bangs!


  • Short, Simple Cut


Who said inverted bob haircuts should always be complicated? A subtle layering and shaping can result in a new style, that is cheerful and inexpensive to maintain.